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March 14th, 2004-=

Hey guys, I'm majorly sorry for my lack of updates, but I'm getting around to it. I probably won't be able to add much to it in the near future, but I promise there will be more stuff in the summer. For now, I have updated the Blink 182 lyrics/discography and have added new song meanings! Check out the Blink 182 section!

July 27th, 2003-=
Warning! Beer contains female hormones! Think twice before you drink one next time.. Also, new funny pix and videos are up!

July 1st, 2003-=
Massive update today!

From the Attic-= Damone's section is up! Woo!! They are a punk rock band who are touring with Warped Tour 2003 right now!

Skye Sweetnam-= Skye Sweetnam's first single is the lead single off of the Mandy Moore movie: How to Deal, coming out at a theatre near you on July 18th, 2003. She is another Canadian star, read the bio for more info.

F.U. EP-= Gob's Foot in Mouth Disease lyrics are finally available on the site! I'm so sorry it has taken me so long to put them up.

Day I Forgot-= Pete Yorn's Day I Forgot lyrics are finally available too..Once again, I'm sorry it's taken me so long to put them up.

March 21st, 2003-=

In anticipation of Pete's new album coming out on Tuesday, April 15th, 2003, we have released our new Pete Yorn section!

December 27th, 2002-=

F.U. EP-= Gob has a new EP! Unfortunately, I don't have all the lyrics for it. Some lyrics are up, but if you have any more, please e-mail me at kychesu@vanillabbt.com. Thanks!

Stripped-= Christina Aguilera's new album is not to my liking. Her music has greatly changed since her debut self-titled album. If you would like a more elaborate explanation on why I have completely lost respect for her, you should read up on some stuff she's done to herself recently. Ugh! Anyways, for the hardcore fans out there, the new lyrics are up!

=-4 6-=


Aguilera, Christina
Blink 182
Broken Social Scene
Copely, Marc
Death Cab for Cutie
Dexter Freebish
Li, CJ
Lola Ray
Nine Days
Our Lady Peace
Postal Service, The
Sweetnam, Skye
Theory of a Deadman
Yorn, Pete

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