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May 17th, 2002-= The domain TheOnlineMusicSource.com has been reregistered. You can now access the site from that URL. Also, the new Weezer section is up and running!

March 31st, 2002-= ROAR!! You thought I disappeared, but you were wrong! I've been working harder than ever, putting in 5 hours a day into the site the past week. The Nine Days, and Gob sections are up and running now! Here's some new news though, the site won't be officially released until the end of June, when those Namezero dumbasses free up my domain.

August 25th, 2001-= FINALLY! The Christina Aguilera, Blink 182, and Our Lady Peace sections are finished with remodelling! Now, I'm going to be working on the new sections! I'm so very sorry it has taken me so long to finish, but eventually this site will be the most kickass music site ever made by one extremely lazy person! Oh, by the way, the Summercamp section is also finished! Don't know who they are? Go check them out!

Spiritual Machines-= Our Lady Peace's newest album! I would have to say Clumsy or Happiness... was better, but Spiritual Machines is still a hell of a good album!

Take Off Your Pants and Jacket-= Blink 182 has lost much of their punk roots some people say, but it could just be because the punk genre is evolving into something a little different..nevertheless, this CD kicks boy bands in the ass!

February 9th, 2001-= This site has not been worked on since December. Sorry for the delay. It will be finished soon. By the way, the only musician sections that work are Christina Aguilera, Blink 182, and Our Lady Peace. These are really old sections, and will be redone with the rest.

December 28th, 2000-= Sorry for all the broken links. They will be fixed within a year. This is the largest project ever undertaken by Kychesu.

December 7th, 2000-= The release of the newest one-of-a kind site on the web, TheOnlineMusicSource.com!



Aguilera, Christina
Blink 182
Broken Social Scene
Copely, Marc
Death Cab for Cutie
Dexter Freebish
Li, CJ
Lola Ray
Nine Days
Our Lady Peace
Postal Service, The
Sweetnam, Skye
Theory of a Deadman
Yorn, Pete

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